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The fulfilment of your dreams is one of our most beautiful tasks! Your personal vehicle loan guarantees you financial flexibility. This is important if your personal circumstances suddenly change.

Take advantage of our favourable financing offers, we will be happy to advise you!

- favourable rates at a fair interest rate
- uncomplicated handling
- financing without down payment
- special repayment and loan repayment possible at any time
- fast credit decision
- duration up to 120 months
- replacement or refinancing of already existing advance loans possible
- trade-in of end-of-life vehicles by offsetting or payment

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No matter what vehicle brand you bring to the workshop, we carry out all inspections according to manufacturer specifications. Our specialists work exclusively with spare parts from leading brand manufacturers, which guarantees quality and safety! For a large inspection, you can request our mobility guarantee for 1 year. From roadside assistance on site to hotel accommodation, it offers you everything you need in case of an emergency, quickly and easily, throughout Europe!

Regular maintenance maintains the full performance of your air conditioning system. We check your vehicle air conditioning system for leaks, system pressures and cooling performance according to manufacturer's specifications. Extraction, recycling and refilling of the refrigerant (when replacing components, e.g. during a repair after an accident) are just as much a part of our scope of services as cleaning the evaporator unit in the event of unpleasant odours from the ventilation system.

Is the main inspection with integrated exhaust emission test due for your vehicle? Of course, we will carry out a general inspection with integrated exhaust emission test for your vehicle in cooperation with our proven testing partners. The advantage for you: Detected defects can be corrected immediately, saving you time and money.

Rockfall or cracks in the windscreen are a safety risk. In many cases, however, it is not necessary to replace the car window. We normally repair small damages free of charge, as this service is in many cases covered by the hull insurance. And if a replacement of the car window is unavoidable, we can supply you with a new one in original equipment quality for almost all vehicle types, including expert installation.

The list of services to which you are entitled with a guaranteed mobility ranges from roadside assistance on site to towing assistance, vehicle recovery and the provision of a replacement vehicle. In addition to that, hotel and travel costs are covered and the costs for vehicle storage and return transport including medical mediation. We will be happy to advise you!

An intact exhaust system is important from many points of view! On the one hand, the exhaust system discharges gases out of the engine and thus protects the occupants from harmful vapours. Furthermore, the noise exposure is significantly reduced and thus the legally prescribed upper noise limit is complied with. Another significant point is the limitation of pollutants. An intact system serves to reduce exhaust emissions and thus the impact on the environment.

This area has become increasingly important in recent years but has also become more complicated. Our trained specialist staff is well familiar with that topic. Our team regularly attends seminars and training courses, so even new vehicle types are no problem for us. Convince yourself!

Do you have little space in the cellar or garage or you do not want to carry your wheels? Store your car tyres easily and conveniently with us. For a small fee we take over the professional tyre storage under the very best conditions. And of course, we can change your tyres on request!

If the brake system does not work properly, this can have serious consequences. An intact braking system is indispensable at extreme speeds. Car owners often only think of the brake linings. These are certainly an important point, but the brake system consists of a complex system. This includes master cylinders, brake boosters, brake hoses and brake fluid. But the braking system can only really do its job 100 percent as a perfectly functioning complete system!

You will not only find a large selection of summer and winter tyres but also the latest models of alloy wheels. Whether standard or sports model - you will definitely find the right model in our company.

This important spare part of the car is often neglected. A perfect shock absorber is extremely important: It influences driving comfort and ensures safe road grip.

Do you have one or more vans with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 t? You’re at the right place! Our transporter professional workshop is specialised in the maintenance and repair of vans. We have optimally coordinated workshop equipment and the necessary special tools!

The clutch is a wearing part which you usually only become aware of after several thousand kilometres. On request, the clutch of the vehicle can be checked and, if necessary, repaired or replaced - and only with spare parts from the brand manufacturers.

Car wash facility

Car wash

Besides buying a house, a vehicle belongs to the most expensive acquisitions. Regular professional care makes a decisive contribution to maintaining the value of a vehicle. In our textile washing plant your vehicle will receive a gentle all-round cleaning and paint care on request!

In addition, we also offer you professional vehicle preparation. After the purchase or before the sale of a used vehicle or simply in between:

- paint rectification
- removal of stickers, foils, tar, rust film and resins
- removal of scratches, parking dents and general dents
- stain removal from seat upholstery, carpets and roofliners
- leather cleaning and leather care
- removal of animal hair
- odour neutralisation (e.g. nicotine smell, animal odours, mould)

Prior to preparation, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you after a joint inspection and discussion of the expected work to be carried out. We are looking forward to your query.


Program 1                 15.00 €
Active foam, washing, underbody washing, polishing wax, drying including rim cleaning

Program 2                  12.00 €
Active foam, washing, underbody washing, wax, drying

Program 3                  10.00 €
Active foam, washing, underbody washing, drying

Program 4                    8.00 €
Active foam, washing, drying
Pack of 10 tickets      72.00 €

Program 5                    6.50 €
Washing, drying
Pack of 10 tickets       58.50 €

Rim cleaning                4.00 €

Free manual high-pressure prewash and machine wheel washing (not possible in frosty conditions) for all washing programs.