16,000 m² area with approx. 200 vehicles on site
Textile washing plant with wax and polishing function

We started in 1993 at Nordhorner Straße in Schüttorf as a two-man operation. At that time, the trade in used cars was already growing steadily and capacity limits were quickly reached at the location. A relocation was inevitable and a decision for a new building in the industrial area at the Schüttorfer Kreuz was quickly made.

In 2004, the first construction phase was completed. The main building was still a visually appealing reception building with offices, sanitary rooms and an accessories shop. The adjacent motor vehicle workshop with five vehicle places, a hall for vehicle care and the textile washing plant were also already part of it.

Just six years later, in 2010, the site was expanded to the west with a second sales building. The "Auto-Erlebnis-Park" also has a playground for children, a parking area with lawn and a meadow with fruit trees.

Then in 2013, a previously unused area of the main building was expanded to make room for additional employees. On the upper floor, a meeting room and two light-flooded offices were completed for use.

In 2016 the last part of the extension took place, the extension of the already generous workshop. Two extra high boxes were added. The high roller shutters make it easy for tall vehicles and motorhomes to enter and exit. In addition, our lifting platforms now have a lifting capacity of up to 7.5 tonnes. This means we are equipped for almost any vehicle type.

16,000 m²








Our Team

J. Menzel


M. Menzel

business economist/management

R. Menzel

office management

L. Horstmeier

vehicle service technician workshop

N. Holtkamp

office clerk

S. Menzel

office clerk

C. Hemmer

automobile salesperson

D. Sentker

automobile salesperson

A. Schmidt

service adoption

U. Kappers

vehicle service technician workshop

Th. Gerlich

vehicle service technician workshop

H. Heilen

vehicle service technician workshop

S. Federhenn

vehicle mechatronics technician

F. Vidovic

apprentice workshop

D. Schwidder

apprentice workshop

M. Szymura

apprentice workshop

M. Krien

vehicle preparation care + maintenance

H. Bonke

transport + service

Customers’ opinion

Klaus Tönjes

We had a technical problem with our car during the important and urgent transit to Münster and were positively surprised by the company Menzel how quickly and friendly they helped us. Many thanks again for that! Thanks to your help we arrived quickly in Münster.

Wurster Nordseeküste,  05.04.2020

Thank you very much for your very satisfying and great service. My Seat Ateca is now making the North Sea area unsafe....I'd love to recommend it again and again

Mense van der Wal
Uelsen,  20.08.2020

We would like to thank Mr. Ince for the good advice. He is very friendly and helpful when buying a BMW.



Mense and Joke van der Wal.

Justine Brom
Sankt Augustin,  21.10.2020

It was quick and easy to make an appointment for a viewing + test drive of a VW Tiguan.
At the Menzel car dealership, we were welcomed by Mr. C.H. received extremely polite and very friendly advice. After the test drive, we initially decided against the car because of an external fault, and this was accepted without discussion!
However, we were offered to fix the blemish, so we finally decided to buy. The process was handled very professionally (verbal agreements were kept 100%!) And tailored to our appointment options, when we were kindly taken from the Schüttorf train station when we picked up the car. Overall, we were really very satisfied and can definitely recommend the Menzel car dealership!


Great competent advice, super friendly. Despite the removal, the purchase was processed without any problems, including the relevant documents. We can warmly recommend the dealer

Luxemburg,  20.11.2020

Automobile Menzel had my dream vehicle with exactly the rare equipment I was looking for. Because of Corona and because I'm from Luxembourg, I bought the car without looking at it and without a test drive. The seller described the condition to me very precisely on the phone and sent me detailed photos of all the points I wanted. The price was very fair and included the transfer to Luxembourg. Upon delivery, it turned out that the seller had not only informed me fairly but even over-correct about the condition of the vehicle. I would immediately buy another vehicle "blind" from Automobile Menzel. It's a shame that you don't need a new car every day ...

Andre Ekkel

Very nice, competent, courteous and friendly dealer. We would buy a car there again at any time, simply great.


Great, friendly and competent service. Very nice team.


Inquiries were dealt with immediately. Information was 100% correct.


During the phone call with Mr. Menzel, you always felt very comfortable and well advised. Completely different from other car dealerships where there was sometimes a certain arrogance. The handover was also very well prepared. Autohaus Menzel can only be recommended.

Gerhard Bergmann

A wide range of cars
Competent and friendly advice
Swift processing

Doris Thamhayn

Very friendly and competent service. We would buy a car there again anytime 

Christian Heidt

Service - advice and handling were great! 

Petra Hüsers

Because there were agreements that were kept. Everything always in a nice, friendly tone

Th. Dr.

Nice contact, quick response and processing also when sending the papers (to register), fair purchase price for our "old man",
All agreements were kept 100%.
Great car.

Jacques Pommer
Boazum (Nederland),  12.03.2021

Een hele mooie Mercedes GLA gekocht "over de grens" bij Menzel Automobile. Een betrouwbaar bedrijf en prettig in contact. Verkopers zijn (vak)bekwaam en behulpzaam. Aangepaste service en afhandeling tijdens COVID. De heren Ince en Hemmer grote dank! Kom zeker terug!

Jürgen Luksherm

Competent company
Fast and fair checkout
Great cars and very nice staff
Again and again!!!


No defects found on the vehicle were eliminated without discussion prior to purchase. As it should be!
The handover date was implemented earlier than planned.
The whole purchase was very straightforward.
Again and again!


Presentation, explanation, purchase transaction; one took time for the customer; very honest and trustworthy

Tom Rausch

Good advice, quick processing, gladly again and again


Get a quick reply.
Car was as described.
Seller very kind.
Hygiene measures were observed.


Fast and great service. Just fair and honest. So it really couldn't have been better. Always my pleasure.

Daniela Röttger


The advice was very good, quick response to emails and questions received! We can only recommend the dealership! Nice, friendly, courteous staff!

Stefan Müller

I can absolutely recommend this company. Starting with the flexibility in arranging a test drive to adhering to and even exceeding the promised things. Professional advice and handling of vehicle sales. ***** from me!

Achim Olthoff
Wietmarschen,  11.05.2021

Excellent advice, top execution, promises were kept. We are very satisfied.

Holger Kronemeyer
Nordhorn,  12.05.2021

Very good advice, expertise, service and reliability in the areas of sales and workshop.

Frank Strodtmann

Everything went very well, very good and fast processing.


As easy as buying a pair of pants.

Dennis Scholz

Friendly and competent advice on the phone as well as on site.

Petra Scholl
Oberhausen,  27.07.2021

I felt extremely well advised by Menzel Automobile
The employees were very friendly and courteous in every contact, both on site and by email and telephone
I will definitely recommend this dealership


Dealer took care of everything perfectly, clarified every request immediately and handled the purchase process in an optimal and friendly manner.

Frankreich,  10.08.2021

Vendeur sympathique, Voiture très bien

Denis Richter
Herne,  18.08.2021

I bought a car and have been driving it for 2 weeks.
I am very happy with it and they were very friendly and everything went well
smoothly. Top dealership thumbs up.

Holtmeyer Transporte
Osnabrück,  18.08.2021

Very nice advice, great service always happy;))

Gildehaus,  01.09.2021

I liked the personal advice best.
The price-performance ratio is also reasonable.
Menzel Automobile can be absolutely recommended.

Matthias Schachtrup

Very accurate and honest advice. Test drive was not a problem. Very good support with financing.

Tamas Simon

Provided full support, answered all answers very soon. I have never ever met such a helpful, professional and client centric car dealer. However I overcomplicated the paperwork, they helped without any complaint. Great team, fully satisfied!

Niklas König

Friendly, competent, accommodating


Found my van at Menzel Automobile.
I was very satisfied with the service and the entire purchase process.

Jens Meyer

The consultation and processing was flawless and always friendly, courteous and always informative

Dieter G. Szameit

Mr. Hemmer is a TOP SALESMAN, gave me and my partner sovereign and very competent advice. The purchase finally took place thanks to the advice and support provided by Mr. Hemmer. The vehicle was handed over by Mr. Menzel Junior because Mr. Hemmer was ill. The handover was also very nice and courteous. It should also be mentioned that there was a café from the boss, Mr. Menzel - thank you. Well, from day one until I bought the vehicle, I felt at home at Autohaus Menzel.


The dealer gave me advice and didn't pressure me to buy a specific car, so it was my decision to buy this exact vehicle.

Claudia Stemberg

Very nice and competent service

Michael Möhring

Very good dealer, fast processing, top car


Dealer replied quickly.

Hendrik Kappert

Very friendly and good car salesman, I can recommend Menzel.

Frank Radink

The seller took a lot of time to compare different vehicles in detail. All agreements were kept.

Roland Ziegner

Smooth running


Professional interaction with the customer. Perfect rental service and vehicle preparation for collection. Friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend it.

Frank Reefmann

that the dealer is not only a car seller but also a car enthusiast. There was a fair offer for our used car. The whole process went quickly and professionally. Gladly again.

Tabe Wöbeking

really quick response time, good advice on site


Friendly, good advice and short-term processing

Skip van Roojj

Clear and reasonable in the final dealmaking

Todor Akrabov

Excellent communication

L. Rast

Good peace!

Justice Jäger

The friendly family atmosphere and the personal contact with the advisor gave us a good, familiar feeling!

Fabio Fleischmann

Competent and very friendly advice - fully recommended!

Anni Moss

Competent advice - we were always treated kindly. Great all-round service


Very friendly, competent, fair and transparent. The selection of vehicles is large, the vehicles offered are in very good condition and the description of the vehicles on corresponds to reality. Excellent communication, I would buy a car from Menzel Automobile again!

Jürgen Luksherm

I have currently purchased the 8th car from Menzel Automobile. After I expressed my desire for a vehicle, exactly what I wanted was found within a short period of time. Simply great. In general, I can say that I would buy a vehicle there again at any time.
Competent, reliable, very friendly and honest. There is also a very good workshop with good staff available.
Highly recommended. Again and again.

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